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Keeping your data secure is our top priority

We continually invest in customer data security, allowing organisations to operate with the highest level of choice and control over their EU data.

Protecting your personal data

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) outlines how to manage and protect personal data – regardless of where it is sent, processed or stored.

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We offer a comprehensive and consolidated approach to data protection, ensuring our customers’ GDPR compliance.

Build trust on a compliant platform

We employ the following principles and capabilities to help you comply with GDPR requirements.

Data ownership

Customers maintain GDPR compliance and have complete control and visibility over their data.

Access protection

Stringent security measures to protect your data from unauthorised access for GDPR compliance.

Data monitoring

We allow you to monitor how data is managed and who has access to it.

World-class data centres

Our data centres follow international security standards and are protected by 24‑hour surveillance.

Built-in security features

Our cloud services offer role‑based access control, MFA, Cloud Encryption and more.

Preventive threat detection

We use real‑time data to predict issues, then prioritise and resolve them based on their impact.

Rapid response

We are committed to providing a swift threat response and notifying you in accordance with the GDPR.

ServiceNow Platform

Take advantage of the unique features of our platform of platforms to meet your GDPR obligations.

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Partnering together to comply

To help your organisation comply with GDPR, our data processing addendum (DPA) addresses both our obligations as a data processor and your obligations as a data controller.


ServiceNow expands European operations for GDPR

ServiceNow continues to invest in our European operations to ensure data security and privacy for our global customers.