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60% of employees prefer some remote work

Position your teams to flow with whatever comes next.

Easier collaboration is here to stay

Employees and execs agree hybrid works. The Work Survey explores the best path forward for all.

Evolve your return to the workplace

Create a hybrid digital workplace that prioritizes employee experiences in and out of the office.

Build a successful hybrid work model

A study of 13-million Australian workers reveals four hybrid work patterns critical to success.

Put safety first wherever people work

Automate company readiness with self-service. Keep everyone informed, healthy, and productive.

Let work just flow

A new employee effortlessly completes the onboarding process using his mobile phone.

Employee workflows

Whether 100% in the office or just a few days a week, automate a safe return for all—and make work happen.

An office facilities director views critical return-to-office employee statistics from a laptop screen.

Workplace Service Delivery

Manage employee requests, services and workspaces with a multi-channel, mobile-enabled solution.

A customer service representative comples a request while working from home.

Customer workflows

See how automated digital workflows help hybrid teams answer customer requests from anywhere.

An employee in the office solves a VPN access issue using a self-service portal.

IT workflows

Make AI-powered, self-service tools accessible to all. Give hybrid workers the skills to solve issues wherever and whenever.

An office worker celebrates being able to get work done faster in a hybrid workplace.

Hybrid works on the Now Platform

Deliver workflows that connect people, functions, and systems with the platform of platforms for hybrid work.

A remote worker using ServiceNow and Microsoft Teams collaborates with employees back in the office.

ServiceNow workflows in Teams

Combine ServiceNow workflows with Microsoft Teams and bring automation and familiarity to hybrid work. Enable easier collaboration and boost employee satisfaction.

Talk to an expert

Get answers to your questions and discover how ServiceNow can help you create a hybrid workplace.