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Vulnerability Response

Power cyber resilience. Prioritise vulnerability management with asset, risk and threat intelligence and workflow with IT for fast, efficient response.

Benefits of Vulnerability Response

See potential exposure impact in real time

Continuously prioritise vulnerabilities using asset, severity, exploit and threat intelligence.

Reduce your attack surface

Give IT and vulnerability teams a collaborative workspace plus automation to remediate risks.

Eliminate backlogs and time sinks

Replace manual tasks, spreadsheets and emails with repeatable, scalable and faster workflows.

Prioritise and resolve cloud container vulnerabilities

Reduce the risk in dynamic cloud deployments, configuration issues and container vulnerabilities.

Features of Vulnerability Response

Improve collaboration between security and dev teams

Application vulnerabilities

Assess dynamic and static testing results to track vulnerable items and coordinate remediation.

Auto-select the best remediation

Vulnerability solutions management

View your organisation's most impactful remediation activities and monitor their completion.

Hone risk-based vulnerability management with patch orchestration

Patch orchestration

Identify and recommend patches for critical vulnerabilities quickly, and schedule patch updates.

Boost collaboration between security and IT

Security and IT workspace

Work strategically with IT teams to remediate vulnerabilities using collaborative workspaces.

Additional features

Exception management

Manage exceptions with scheduled deferments and automatic reactivation.

Third-party integrations

Integrate market-leading vulnerability-scanning solutions. Enrich CMDB data to prioritise cases.

Configuration compliance

Find and fix misconfigured software. Prioritise and remediate cloud configuration issues.

Automated remediation

Expedite remediation tasks with assignment and group rules.

Integrated performance analytics

Identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Consolidate scanning data to determine risk.

Cloud container security

Reduce risks from dynamic cloud deployments and container vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability management with threat intelligence

How to get Vulnerability Response

Vulnerability Response is available with Security Operations. Benefit from a secure digital transformation.

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