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Automation Center

Manage and monitor the entire hyperautomation landscape on a single platform.

Benefits of Automation Center

Boost cross-enterprise automation business value

Integrate islands of automation across third-party vendors for greater business impact.

Manage the automation lifecycle in one place

Consolidate enterprise-wide automation opportunities and manage from intake through execution.

Oversee goals, performance and pipeline

Get the big picture—visualise benchmarks for automation business goals and activity in one place.

Maximise uptime and help prevent failures

Keep automation active by monitoring and managing robotic process automation (RPA) jobs in CMDB.

Features of Automation Center

Managing the automation lifecycle in a collaborative workspace


Manage the end-to-end automation lifecycle and workflow, integrated with Process Optimization and Service Catalog.

Overview dashboard shows automation KPIs, savings & more

Overview dashboard

View performance vs. business goals, cost and time saving metrics, active automations and pipeline.

Executions dashboard helps prevent automation failures

Executions dashboard

Monitor operational health, job status, incidents and changes to help prevent automation failures.

RPA vendor integration for CMDB oversight

RPA vendor integration

Create robots, bot processes and job executions as CIs in CMDB using the Automation Center API.

Automation Center

How to get Automation Center

Automation Center is available with Automation Engine. Automate routine tasks and connect anything to ServiceNow.

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