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Business Continuity Management

Plan, exercise and recover from disasters effectively with a robust integrated risk management programme.

Benefits of Business Continuity Management

Avoid surprises

Prioritise critical functions, find key dependencies and create plans to protect vital assets.

Create plans that work

Identify and close gaps in continuity plans by performing tabletop and other plan exercises.

Recover more quickly

Reduce crisis impact with plans, including secondary site definitions and predefined runbooks.

Make fast, informed decisions

Understand dependencies and set recovery time and point objectives to prioritise critical risk.

Features of Business Continuity Management

Identifying and prioritizing critical business services

Business impact analysis

Find and prioritise business services to produce recovery time and point objectives (RTO and RPO).

Making continuity and disaster recovery plans

Continuity planning

Scope plans to ensure that personnel and assets are protected and functioning quickly after a disaster.

Exercising recovery plans during normal operations

Recovery plan exercising

Practise plans during normal operations to ensure that they are up to date and accurate.

Activating continuity plans during a crisis event

Crisis management

Activate continuity plans and monitor ongoing completion of recovery tasks during a crisis event.

Additional features

Common data application

Use CMDB data to monitor against risk tolerance and automatically inform business impact analysis.

Gap identification

Find recovery gaps between key elements when analysing business impact or mapping CMDB dependencies.

Scenario analysis

Conduct a range of disaster scenarios and test the steps your business can take to return to normal.

Business Continuity Management is available with GRC

How to get Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management is available with Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Manage risk and resilience in real time.

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