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Source Control and CI/CD

Develop apps at scale with source control and continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) toolsets on the Now Platform®.

Benefits of Source Control and CI/CD

Collaborate better

Effectively manage code changes for multiple developers on your team by using Git repo integration.

Streamline your DevOps

Automate change deployment and get them from development, through test and into production faster.

Accelerate development

Deliver applications faster so your team can iterate on feedback early and often.

Features of Source Control and CI/CD

Link applications to local source control

Source control functionality

Enable developers to work together and use enterprise repositories—whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Select files to commit to source control

Team collaboration

Push selective changes to source control. Give dev teams the flexibility to check in specific updates.

Connect your favorite third-party CI/CD toolsets


Connect your favourite ecosystem of third-party CI/CD tools to build on the Now Platform.

Use Flow Designer and CI/CD spokes from Integration Hub

Integration Hub CI/CD spoke

Use Flow Designer and CI/CD spokes to build an automated pipeline. Test and deploy Now Platform apps.

Get Source Control and CI/CD with the Now Platform

How to get Source Control and CI/CD

Source Control and CI/CD is available with the Now Platform. Build digital workflow apps and extend your ServiceNow® solutions with a leading platform as your foundation.

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