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Flow Designer

Easily create end-to-end digital workflows. Automate any process—from simple productivity to complex transformation—in a no-code environment.

Benefits of Flow Designer

Automate flows for everyone

Empower business users with codeless flow components built for reuse.

Accelerate IT development

Extend ServiceNow® workflows and create new ones with out-of-the-box, reusable flow components.

Integrate third-party services

Link end-to-end digital workflows to popular business apps with ready-made Integration Hub spokes.

Improve flow visibility

Promote process stakeholder collaboration by inviting others to review flows with no change risk.

Features of Flow Designer

Codeless automation using natural language

Codeless automation

Use natural language and flowchart style diagramming to build automated process flows easily.

ServiceNow workflow spokes

Workflow spokes

Apply application-specific flow actions to extend and create conditional, trigger-based workflows.

No-code data management tools

No-code data management tools

Transform and format data with no-code tools. View complex structured data in a graphical interface.

Managing complex decision logic independently

Decision builder

Empower business users to manage complex decision logic independently of flow design.

Additional features

Role-based flow management

Create flows that run with their own roles, so users can run flows they normally could not access.

Action designer

Publish custom flow actions. Reuse script to automate tasks, remediate events and simplify upgrades.

No-code triggers

Use out-of-the-box inbound email and SLA target triggers to automate routine processes.

Domain-separated flows

Create and manage flows and actions in multitenant environments—ideal for MSPs and large enterprises.

Dynamic subflows

Unlock sophisticated use cases with dynamic subflows. Trigger actions based on run-time parameters.

Get Flow Designer

How to get Flow Designer

Flow Designer is available with the Now Platform. Build digital workflow apps and extend your ServiceNow solutions with a leading platform as your foundation.

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