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Connect your entire institution to deliver on mission

Enhance experiences for students, faculty, and staff, to build for the future.

Deliver seamless experiences to achieve success. Connect departments, increase collaboration, and secure your institution through digital transformation.

Do it all through one connected platform.

Don’t just take our word for it

See how higher educational institutions like yours are succeeding with ServiceNow.

Delivers consumer-grade staff and student services

ACU delivers modern enterprise service management, by integrating services from nine directorates on one platform.

Simplified customer service and field operations

Flinders University manages 24k Facility assets with a single platform.

Transformed digital experiences for students and staff

WSU achieved an 80% reduction in paper form requests and improved operational efficiency.

80% reduction in time to process requests

The University of Adelaide delivers an amazing user experience with 80% less processing time.

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Upgrading the student experience

You’re serving a new generation of students, and they demand next-generation digital experiences.


The new standard in education

Learn how to deliver great experiences while building resiliency.


Transform higher education. Transform lives.

How ServiceNow can help higher education.


Invest in strategic IT solutions

Achieve sustainable business operations through modern investments.


Harness the full potential of your people and data

Explore how to power resilience across the entire campus, even when facing cost pressures.


Enact large-scale change and invest in strategic IT solutions

Find out how to achieve sustainable business operations for higher education through IT modernisation.


Discover new ways to serve students and faculty

Learn how to implement new technology and processes to foster a digitally driven campus.


Deliver great experiences while building resilience

Develop a more resilient and responsive framework to deliver on your mission of student success.

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Get in touch with pros and peers

Connect with experts at ServiceNow and other champions in education to discuss industry challenges and how to partner with us to unlock your potential.

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