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Two programmers working together on a telecom media and technology product.

Unlock the value of digital experiences

Reimagine end-to-end experiences across your entire ecosystem of services with simplicity, scale, and choice.

Telecom, media and tech companies are the heartbeat of everything digital. Differentiate with frictionless experiences that increase loyalty and drive down costs.

Turn disruption into your competitive advantage.

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Shift to proactive, automated communication through digital workflows.


Elevate service and operations, and deliver better experiences by connecting the customer to the network.


Differentiate with customer experience to drive loyalty and reduce operational costs.

Don’t just take our word for it

See how technology, media and telecom companies like yours are succeeding with ServiceNow.

25 point Increase in customer satisfaction

Vodafone streamlined its processes and increased productivity by 45%.

Connecting people delivers customer happiness at Zoom

See how Zoom automated 30% of key processes.

Rogers reinvents its customer service philosophy

See how Rogers achieved a 19% reduction in inbound calls.

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Be prepared for digital network operations

Find out how to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower employees and customers.


Stay relevant to the mobile generation

Embrace a digital-first strategy to break free from legacy processes and enhance customer experiences.


Calculate the impact of customer service management

See Forrester’s projected economic impact of the ServiceNow Customer Service Management solution.

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Explore new ideas, expand your knowledge, and engage with experts who’ll help accelerate your digital transformation experience.

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Connect with experts at ServiceNow and other champions in telecom, media and tech to discuss industry challenges and how to partner with us to unlock your potential.