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ServiceNow is creating change with our commitment to equity of opportunity.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging

We are creating change for our employees, our customers and our communities.

Doing things differently

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April 2020
At ServiceNow, our purpose is to make the world of work, work better for people.
We’re living in a difficult time. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted how we live and work. Xenophobia and racist incidents toward Asian communities have become a vehicle for darkness. But during challenge and controversy, staying true to what we stand for makes us all stronger.
For more than a month, our 10,000-plus employees have kept our business running and supported our customers—using videoconferencing, mobile phones and chat from home offices and kitchen tables—while also caring for family, children, pets and neighbours.
During this time, technology has acted in service of people. It has given us a welcome glimpse into people’s lives. Cats on keyboards. Kids connecting to virtual classrooms. Partners offering a shoulder massage to ease the strain of sitting all day.
During a crisis that could’ve pulled us apart, we have come closer together. And, we believe our commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging has made that possible.
We encourage employees to be their real selves and to share the stories that make them who they are. Because, as we’ve learned over the past few months, life doesn’t pause. Even when the toilet paper runs out. Instead, we’ve found that people are relieved—and even comforted—when they see life interrupting work.
Now, in our third diversity report, we’ll share what we’re doing differently to create a culture of belonging, and to treat all voices with the respect and compassion they deserve:
    Equity of opportunity - We are building a fair system of opportunity and treatment for everyone in our company. We have achieved pay parity between women and men in the US—and are within one penny of pay equity for our employees around the world.

    Women in leadership - Our VP-plus representation has increased double digits in the past three years. Women in VP-plus positions are almost on par with our overall female representation—and we have a healthy pipeline.

    Continual learning - We lead by learning. From our individual mini-moments to our experiences as communities, we meet people where they are to educate, engage and challenge ourselves to be allies for voices that may be missing.
We embrace diversity, inclusion and belonging as a business imperative. It’s a cultural value and a shared commitment across our global leadership team, who all signed their name to this report.
We are creating energy, optimism and space to belong. For everyone.
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Growing our communities

This is what change feels like

The events of 2020 deepened our commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIBs), and accelerated our journey.

Creating change

Diversity and inclusion are table stakes. Belonging is the breakthrough.

Enabling and empowering our people

Enabling and empowering our people

We use rich learning programmes to equip employees with inclusive mindsets and skills, and we build equitable processes across our entire talent ecosystem.

Engaging our communities and allies

Engaging our communities and allies

We make space to listen, share openly and engage in respectful dialogue. We extend into our communities through civic engagement, digital literacy and non‑profit support.

Building diverse talent and hiring inclusively

Building diverse talent and hiring inclusively

We grow stronger together by developing and advancing individual talent and by improving representation at all levels.

Our stories


Life at Now extends globally to our team in Tokyo

See how diverse perspectives from our Japanese team strengthen the whole of ServiceNow culture.


DIBs Champion Award recognises diversity efforts

ServiceNow rewards employees driving progress in diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Belonging Groups

Belonging Groups make up our DIBs Community and drive change within our company.

Black at Now

Together we reflect, grow and heal from racial division to strengthen our bond as people.

Interfaith at Now

We create awareness and support for faith and diverse beliefs with respect and tolerance.

Latinx at Now

We celebrate Latinx culture, promote representation, engage talent and give back.

People with Disabilities at Now

We advocate for disabled employees, accessibility and experiences that benefit all.

Pride at Now

We champion an inclusive workplace and authentic self for LGBTQ+ employees.

Veterans at Now

We serve those who served and connect veterans to purpose and community at work.

Women at Now

We advance a diverse workforce where women are enabled, empowered and valued equally.

ServiceNow IT service management capabilities

Our data

Through a fair system of opportunity and treatment for all—we are creating a movement of change.

Global gender


Global leaders

Leadership roles are defined here as director level and above.

Global technical positions

Technical roles are defined here by job codes designating positions with technology responsibilities.

Global nontechnical positions

Race and ethnicity in the US

Racial and ethnic categories reflect our EEO-1 reporting. May not combine to 100% due to rounding.

Leaders in the US

Leadership roles are defined here as director level and above.

Technical positions in the US

Technical roles are defined here by job codes designating positions with technology responsibilities.

Nontechnical positions in the US


ServiceNow is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or nationality, ancestry, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, veteran status or any other category protected by law.

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