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Deliver digital workflows that connect people, functions, and systems with new innovations in the Now Platform Quebec release.

The platform of platforms for 21st century enterprises.

App Engine Studio low-code visual development environment

Build low-code apps fast

Empower developers of every skill level to build apps at scale with App Engine Studio. Encourage rapid innovation with an intuitive, low‑code development environment and prebuilt templates.

Apps to optimize processes and employee performance

Increase agility across your organisation

Monitor and optimise business processes to identify and avoid bottlenecks with Process Optimisation. Enhance skills growth and team performance with Workforce Optimization.


Process Optimisation

Improve outcomes by optimising process flows to streamline work.


Workforce Optimisation

Manage teams effectively with real-time visibility into agent scheduling and performance.


Engagement Messenger

Embed rich self-service experiences in third-party portals to improve CSAT scores.

Apps with artificial intelligence increase productivity

Enhance productivity with native AI

Fix issues before they occur with Predictive AIOps, provide a consumer‑grade search experience with AI Search, and deliver intelligent conversations with Virtual Agent.


Predictive AIOps

Predict and prevent service outages before they impact end users.


AI Search

Provide personalised, relevant, actionable search results to employees and customers.


Virtual Agent

Intercept and resolve issues before they get to a human agent with an intelligent chatbot.


Site reliability operations

Register services, track changes, and respond to incidents faster.


UI Builder

Create custom workspaces and audience-specific portal pages for engaging, personalised experiences.


Universal request

Collaborate on tickets across departments for a transparent, unified employee service experience.

Try the ServiceNow Agent App

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Enable your agents to take action at any time with a swipe or a tap. Mobile Agent is powered by the Now Platform and available as the ServiceNow Agent app, a fully native iOS or Android app.
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About our releases

Explore answers to frequently asked questions about ServiceNow releases.

What is your release schedule?
We deliver two major releases each year, typically in March and September.

How do you name releases?
We name our releases after global cities in alphabetical order. The current release is Quebec, and the previous release was Paris.

How long do you support releases?
We support both the current release and the one prior. We encourage customers to stay up to date with the latest release to benefit from new innovations and enhancements.

Do you provide detailed information about your releases?
We provide release notes with comprehensive descriptions of new features and enhancements. We also publish full product documentation for each release. Our documentation suite includes detailed information about all products, apps, features, and capabilities included in the release.

Are there any webinars or events focused on the release?
We host a live broadcast for each release to introduce and walk you through the key products, features, and enhancements. You can watch the Quebec release broadcast on 18 March . It will also be available for on-demand replay after the event. 

What upgrade assistance do you provide?
We offer extensive upgrade resources and guidance to support your successful implementation. You can access tools, services, programs, and best practices guides through the Customer Success Center.

Are releases available before market launch?
The Early Release programme is an opportunity for existing customers to access the new release before market launch. By participating, you can take advantage of new features as soon as they are released, upgrade quickly, and report feedback promptly.

Key innovations from the Paris release

Look back at some of the valuable innovations from the previous release.


Enable operational resilience

Create actionable business continuity and disaster recovery plans.


Power the IT lifecycle

Make smarter decisions across the asset lifecycle, from purchase to disposal.


Deliver legal services at speed

Give legal operations the visibility they need to eliminate silos and manual steps.


Connect your financial institution

Digitise core operational processes across your entire financial institution.

Get help planning your Quebec release upgrade

Upgrade now to speed digital plans

Stay current with the latest release to get the most value out of your ServiceNow investments. Simplify your upgrade with essential tools and expert help.

Try the ServiceNow Onboarding app

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Enable new hires to complete tasks, view content, and get help across departments. Mobile Onboarding is powered by the Now Platform and available as the ServiceNow Onboarding app, a fully native iOS or Android app.
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