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Committed to decarbonisation

By grounding our efforts and reporting in science, key initiatives result in real outcomes and a positive impact on our environment.
ESG goals working toward environmental sustainability

When we protect our planet, the world works

We’re committing to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), setting reduction targets and investing in energy efficiency projects.

United Nations sustainable development goals

A better world through action

We support the United Nations’ urgent call to action for peace and prosperity. We champion these goals through our solutions and practices, including:

  • Access to affordable, modern energy for all
  • Building infrastructure through innovation
  • Taking action to combat climate change's impacts
We’re working toward our net-zero-by-2030 goal, and our supply chain is critical to that. We’ve increased efforts to ensure they share our vision.

Rebecca Marshall
SVP, Global Sourcing, Workplace Services and Sustainability

Aerial view of ServiceNow solar panel station in Kenya

For our people and planet

In partnership with GivePower Foundation, we are investing in desalination solar water farms in Kenya, ensuring that communities in need have access to sustainable resources.

Team in data center working toward ESG goals

Workflow a better world

Activate ESG across your enterprise with ServiceNow, building trust and long‑term value and impact.

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