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Digital Readiness

Let's close the digital divide

We’re on a mission to help people join the digital economy and open up new career possibilities.
Wind turbines working for ServiceNow sustainability

A better world through action

We support the United Nations’ urgent call to action for peace and prosperity. We champion these goals through our solutions and practices, including:

  • Quality education and lifelong learning for all
  • Gender equality and female empowerment
  • Ongoing, inclusive economic growth and employment
  • More equality within and among countries
To solve the world’s most complex problems, we must ensure equal access to the digital economy for all.

Edua Dickerson
VP, ESG and Finance Strategy

People getting career support in NextGen Professionals

NextGen Professionals

We support partners worldwide to provide digital literacy skills and wrap‑around services to the underrepresented.

Technology donations

We donate our IT equipment to nonprofits supporting underserved communities worldwide.

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Your future awaits

New skills open new doors. Make your next move with our intern and early career roles.