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Racial and Gender Equity

Opportunities for everyone

Let’s build a more equitable world so that all people have the same opportunity to succeed and thrive in the global economy.
United Nations sustainable development goals

A better world through action

We support the United Nations’ urgent call to action for peace and prosperity. We champion these goals through our solutions and practices, including:

  • Ongoing, inclusive economic growth and employment
  • More equality within and among countries
We remain steadfast in our commitment to boosting Black communities in the US by reinvesting back into the racial equity fund.

Tim Muindi
VP, Treasurer

Racial Equity Fund invests in people in Black communities

Investing in what matters

The social investment value of the Racial Equity Fund is equal to the annual return on investment that was reinvested back into the fund.

Group of diverse ServiceNow employees at work

Our people are everything

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are integral to our culture, our practices and everything we do.