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AMS matches top talent with the right jobs

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Average time to schedule an interview, down from five


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Standing out in a competitive marketplace
First impressions really do count. And in the jobs market, employers and candidates begin assessing one another from the moment the recruitment opportunity presents itself. 

In recent times, in many sectors of the economy there are more vacancies than jobseekers, enabling those looking for a new opportunity to be even more selective, choosing between a number of openings. 

At the same time, businesses know how mission-critical it is to keep refreshing their talent pool and, as a result, they can’t afford to let the best candidates slip through their fingers. 

Their selection teams are very busy people themselves and are therefore looking for each step of the process to be efficient and well-organised, enabling them to focus their energies on assessing each candidate’s credentials and suitability, rather than printing out CVs and booking meeting rooms for interviews. 

In these highly competitive circumstances, AMS’s clients are increasingly looking for a high quality, end-to-end recruitment and talent management service, in which every touchpoint with a candidate is thoroughly choreographed to present the job opportunity in the most favourable light possible and to deliver a seamless recruitment experience. 

To achieve this ideal, AMS selected ServiceNow as its global foundation stone and platform for all its recruitment processes, from understanding an organisation’s workforce requirements, identifying suitable candidates and managing the interview process, through to tracking a new recruit’s progress in their new job.

Choreographing the ideal interview
“At AMS, we help organisations around the world build the workforces they need to succeed, in an age of constant change,” explains Mike Brown, Global Managing Director of Operations at AMS.

“We do this by identifying the best talent for our clients, helping with workforce planning and management, and skills development too. In many cases we act as their complete, outsourced recruitment team, handling every aspect of the process on their behalf.

“At every stage of our clients’ journey, we’re looking to deploy great technology that automates and transforms processes, to help and support people to do great work, not to eliminate them, and to help our clients to build their brands and achieve their goals, faster and more efficiently.”

Take the job interview, a pivotal moment in the recruitment journey. Utilising ServiceNow’s low-code development tool, App Engine, has replaced a time-consuming, labour-intensive system previously relying on spreadsheets, email and telephone calls, with an intelligent app—AMS Interview Scheduling.

“We handle about 400,000 recruitment interviews for our clients every year,” explains Mike. “For the candidate, this is their opportunity to shine, to demonstrate that they have the skills and the personality that our clients are looking for. So, it’s vital that they arrive at the right place, in good time, relaxed and well-prepared, ready to give their best.

“It’s a similar story for our client’s recruitment panel too. It’s our job to make sure the interview has been efficiently organised and scheduled, that the venue is booked and that everyone has all the information they need about the role and the candidate.

“Our goal is to minimise dropouts and ensure that the interview gives them what they need to make an accurate and speedy assessment of the candidate’s suitability for the job.”

An Alexander Mann Solutions female executive stands among a group of employees who are seated in a conference room

ServiceNow has become an integral part of AMS’s digital transformation.


Unlocking time, cost and efficiency savings
AMS Interview Scheduling is a fully automated service that can be branded, customised and integrated into AMS’s client organisations within just a few weeks, streamlining processes, providing a great user experience and unlocking huge time, cost and efficiency savings.

Natalia Mikrut, Head of Digital Automation at AMS, led the development of the low-code app. “Using ServiceNow, and its elite partner SPOC based in Poland, AMS Interview Scheduling automates and co-ordinates every aspect of the process, enabling everyone involved to focus on getting the maximum value from the interview.

“The app carries our clients’ brand and bespoke messaging, and integrates with the calendars of the interview team, enabling candidates to pick an interview slot that suits everyone. Once a date and time have been selected, the app books the right meeting space and circulates key documentation about the role, and a profile of the candidate.

“If the interview is face-to-face, the app can even book car parking spaces and a nearby coffee shop for last minute preparations. Or with remote working, and teams often operating in different time zones, the app has the flexibility to take care of all video-conferencing arrangements too, integrating with Teams, Zoom and Webex.

“SMS reminders ensure everyone involved is on the same page,” continues Natalia. “Candidates can access a mobile-friendly portal to find out more about the organisation and finalise their approach to the interview.

Bracknell, UK
Workforce Solutions
A happy AMS male executive smiles as he sits at a boardroom table

AMS Interview Scheduling automates and co-ordinates every aspect of our clients’ interview process, providing a great user experience and enabling everyone involved to focus on getting the maximum value from the interview.

Natalia Mikrut

Head of Digital Automation


Making time to add value
Jessica Dorin, Client Operations Director, says that AMS Interview Scheduling has transformed the way the company works, cutting the average time to schedule an interview from five days to just two.

“Multiply that by 400,000 interviews every year and that becomes an amazing result, getting the right talent onboard quickly and making an impact much faster than before. Now that time can be spent on the personal touch, adding value, matching the right people with the right jobs, helping recruitment teams and candidates to connect and begin building fruitful relationships.” 

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