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Antares Vision creates a single source of truth to drive service excellence
Antares Vision creates a single source of truth to drive service excellence

Antares Vision creates a single source of truth to drive service excellence


Accelerates customer case resolution times


Improves efficiency and productivity of service teams

Extend visibility

Provides greater visibility for improved decision-making

Antares Vision is a leading provider of vision control and traceability systems for the pharmaceutical sector. The company has equipped more than 2,300 production lines in over 60 countries with turnkey solutions for serialising bottles and cartons. Seeking to enhance customer care, Antares Vision turned to ServiceNow to gain visibility into customer service issues by moving siloed data into a single platform...

At Antares Vision, top customer care is at the heart of its business model
Antares Vision is a leader in serialisation and aggregation systems for pharmaceutical companies. The company has equipped 2,300+ production lines in 60+ countries with turnkey solutions for serialising bottles and cartons, with 1,300+ of those lines aggregating the commissioned data.

Vision’s mission is to deliver the most comprehensive and scalable global solution for vision systems, track and trace, and smart data management, leading the complete process of protecting products throughout their lifecycle.

The company’s customer service team installs and maintains systems worldwide and provides qualification documentation and validation support. However, recent company growth made it difficult for the team to scale to meet the increasing demands of the business.

Alessandro la Greca, Technical Service Manager, Antares Vision, explains: “Top customer care is at the heart of our business model, but after a period of high growth our systems were not in a position to scale and facilitate holistic customer service. Information was scattered, there was no single source of truth, and different teams were creating different data repositories.”

Disparate systems led to disconnected teams and lack of visibility for customer services issues
There was also a lack of communication among customer service and field service teams, with customers calling field engineers directly—bypassing both customer service and field service managers.

“Troubleshooting documentation was absent or not used at all, and there was no easily accessible customer service catalogue,” says Alessandro. “Overall, we did not have visibility into the status and progress of any customer issues.”

With ServiceNow, Antares Vision delivers a single, enterprise platform, moving from siloed data to total case visibility
Antares Vision wanted to implement a single platform for customer services, field services, and knowledge management, underpinned by a configuration management database (CMDB) that would consolidate all assets and information, thereby improving case management and customer satisfaction.

Following evaluation and testing, the Now Platform became the clear choice for Antares Vision, with a cloud-based delivery model for flexible, agile, and fast deployment.

Lutech Group, a ServiceNow partner in Italy, helped Antares Vision implement the platform in just four months through agile development.

ServiceNow consolidates and automates case management, delivering greater control and visibility for Antares Vision’s operations and support teams
The Now Platform handles the entire case management process through intelligent workflows and end-to-end automation, giving Antares Vision’s operations and support teams complete control and visibility. It also provides customers with access to the status of their cases, and instantly notifies them about changes.

Antares Vision
Antares Vision
Travagliato, Italy

We are much more efficient and streamlined when it comes to case resolution.

Alessandro la Greca

Technical Service Manager

“We can prioritise cases based on business impact and drive them through the entire resolution process,” Alessandro says.

He adds: “It is now possible to set clear KPIs, which were previously very complicated to establish and monitor. We have seen a decline in the number of issues reported and faster ticket resolution. Most importantly, customers are happy with the quality of our support and are asking for high-value service level agreements as a result.”

ServiceNow enables heightened business agility and faster IT decision-making
Antares Vision’s operations and support teams are now benefiting from a full-fledged customer service management solution. For the first time, the company can create integrated processes, workflows, and IT rules.

Real-time business reporting and knowledge sharing functionalities have further empowered the company’s teams, who can now instantly access business and field engineering reports.

Mauro Marenzi, Service Business Developer Consultant, Antares Vision, says: “There has been a significant cultural change taking place as a result of implementing ServiceNow. We now create and manage processes and workflows for common requests, which is improving our efficiency and agility as a business.

Previously, the teams also had little awareness of time spent on different tasks because it was not measured. Now we are not just measuring, but also managing time and resources more efficiently.”

Asset tracking and discovery enable Antares Vision to track IT assets automatically. An interconnected, single source of truth CMDB is improving IT decision-making, expediting root cause analysis and uncovering other areas where IT can make improvements quickly.

“We spend more time making sound decisions than looking for information,” says Mauro. “The visibility and transparency of information has also improved accountability.”

Antares Vision continues its relentless evolution through the Now Platform with mobile apps, live chat, personalization, and change management
Antares Vision is continuously evolving its use of the Now Platform. One enhancement is a smartphone application for field engineers, which provides them with technical documentation during site visits or while on the move. Another is the optimisation of the customer portal, with personalisation capabilities and live chat driving faster case resolution.

“We’re implementing gradual but important improvements to workflows and strengthening our knowledge management capabilities,” explains Mauro. “We’re also adding change management to automatically track all of our IT assets.”

He concludes: “We’re on a journey, but the foundation is there with a flexible and scalable cloud-based platform that supports our goal to become an agile, digitally driven organisation.” 

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ServiceNow Customer Service Management

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Learn how Antares Vision enhances knowledge management

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