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BT uses the Now Platform
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BT launches innovative telecoms service management experience


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Native telco customer integration app


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With ServiceNow, BT reinvents the customer experience so that it is in line with changing expectations—blazing a new trail in service to subscribers.

Multinational telecoms from London HQ
BT Group is a British communications service provider (CSP) headquartered in London. It serves customers in 180 countries, providing fixed-line, broadband, and mobile services, as well as subscription television and IT services to B2B and B2C customers. For its multinational business customers, BT provides managed services, security, and network and IT infrastructure services.

The company aims to be the world’s most trusted connector of people, devices, and machines, by building strong digital foundations, creating exceptional customer experiences, and taking bold actions towards a sustainable future.

Differentiating with service experience
It needed to respond to the increasing consumerization of the workplace, more customers adopting digital-first business strategies and needing greater connectivity, and networking shifting from physical to virtualized environments.

“We wanted to provide market-disrupting new services to customers in response to their changing needs, but despite shifting our business model our legacy technology was too slow and rigid to achieve our ambitions,” says Faisal Parvez, Product and Digital Technology Director at BT.

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BT Group
BT Group
London, UK

With ServiceNow, we’ve disrupted the market with an all-new telco service experience for our customers.

Faisal Parvez

Product and Digital Technology Director


Adopting a greenfield approach
BT launched a strategy to reposition itself as a digital-native managed service provider, offering solutions to deliver a superior customer experience, commercial flexibility, and security.

It took a greenfield approach, partnering with ServiceNow to accelerate its digital transformation and create a simplified, automated, and more programmable network and cloud infrastructure. ServiceNow Network Performance Management and Telecommunications Service Management act as the primary cloud engine, while BT and ServiceNow work together to co-innovate and deliver more valuable propositions to the customer, faster than ever. A key element is the market’s first native telco customer integration app, called ‘eBonding for Telecommunications’. The customer-facing app delivers breakthrough services and will potentially eliminate up to 10,000 manual tasks.

Disrupting the market
BT’s bold greenfield approach and co-innovation initiative have been a huge success. “ServiceNow supercharged our transformation and reaffirmed that good partnerships are the key to disrupting the industry for the better,” adds Faisal. “Digital transformations should never be about simply cutting costs or driving efficiency, you need to reignite your team’s passion and always keep the customer experience at the heart of your vision.”

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