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Dräger creates a fast and secure customer service portal


Availability of fast and simple to use customer service portal


Reduction in lead times


Digital service management achieved

Dräger replaces disparate, complex, and time-consuming customer management processes by creating a bespoke Digital Customer Service Center. The secure, self-service, customer portal is accessible on any device.

Keeping the world safe
Dräger has been using technology to keep people safe for 130 years. Launched in Germany in 1889 and still managed by the fifth generation of its founding family, Dräger’s medical and safety technology products are used worldwide. With 14,500 employees in 190 countries, Dräger sets the benchmark for quality and compliance of safety equipment, devices, and solutions in diverse sectors, including healthcare, mining, police, and fire services, and the chemical, oil, and gas industries.

Huge potential 
With Dräger’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and great service, it constantly looks for new ways to make it easy for its many customers to order services for its products. Historically customers had to use multiple systems to order a product service – telephone, email, and in person – and so Dräger could see huge potential in moving its service catalog and service booking processes fully online, using the digital technology that has transformed traditional retailing.

One-stop-shop for technical services
Dräger utilized its partnership with ServiceNow to create a bespoke Digital Customer Service Center (accessible for customers at, a secure, self-service, and functionality-rich customer portal, accessible on any device. Now customers can browse product and service ranges, commission services, and arrange maintenance and repair appointments, all in one place, at any time, night or day. Dräger’s portal will soon be available worldwide in numerous languages, each individually tailored to meet specific national, territory, or market requirements.

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Lubeck, Germany

Now that we have the ServiceNow platform and our Digital Customer Service Center template, we can go live in new countries and territories within hours and enjoy an immediate return on investment.

Marcus Rosenthal

Intrapreneur for Digital Services Business

Faster and more convenient
“We wanted to create a world class business-to-consumer resource, that makes everything that any customer might need available 24/7, at the touch of a button,” explains Marcus Rosenthal, Dräger’s Intrapreneur for Digital Services. “ServiceNow has helped us to completely transform the way we work. For customers, ordering a service from Dräger is now much faster and more convenient – and because the process is now so much more efficient, we can reach new customers more easily, so everyone is winning.”

Template for growth
Dräger’s Digital Customer Service Center is now at the heart of the company’s business operations – and has created a proven template for the next strategic move in its enduring success story. Dräger sees potential for a multi-brand ordering platform for technical services, to improve the many different and complex procurement routes for its customers.

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