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Hexaware uses ITOM on the Now Platform
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Eliminating IT silos and delivering innovation


Zero-disruption implementations


Innovation and automation


Tools and reduces costs

Building an innovation strategy
Founded in 1990 in India, Hexaware has 37 global offices and is a best-in-class digital transformation provider. Hexaware’s three-pronged strategy to help companies succeed focuses on automating everything, taking it to the cloud and transforming user experiences to create smiles.

Strategic partnership serves customers better
When Hexaware formed its infrastructure management services practice, it identified ServiceNow as the leader in IT operations management and established a partnership. Since then, its strategic focus has paid off, as the company has grown its ServiceNow practice annual revenue more than 12-fold in under six years, and now develops vertical solutions to serve customers better.

Gaining budget clarity
Today, many Hexaware customers have large hybrid IT environments and work in IT silos with a range of decentralised software solutions. One division may be ahead in its transformation journey or open to change, while another department might be undergoing a transition or still relying on legacy systems. One Hexaware customer, for example, had four different service management tools, including ServiceNow. Not only were the teams working in silos, but the company also had to maintain several budgets.

Another frequent customer challenge is the lack of awareness regarding the cloud journey. Many customers want to transform but don’t understand everything they have to do as part of their digital transformation. That’s where Hexaware fits in nicely.

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Mumbai, India
IT Consulting and Services

It makes a lot of sense to have something that connects everything together, and that’s where ServiceNow fits in perfectly.

Sunny Raina

Assistant Vice President, Global ServiceNow Practice Head

Enabling rapid implementation
The ability to deliver implementations quickly is a typical customer requirement, and Hexaware knows how to make it happen. For example, when a Hexaware-ServiceNow customer had a contractual obligation to end its existing managed services relationship, it chose a Hexaware managed services contract. The challenge for Hexaware was to complete the transition in only six weeks so the customer could avoid a stiff penalty and a full year’s charge by its previous service provider. Hexaware’s goal was a zero-disruption transition, and the team achieved that cutover within the stipulated six-week timeline due to its expertise and ServiceNow as a solution offering.

Discovering new opportunities to transform the business
As Hexaware’s teams work with the customers, they continually consider expanding upon the customers’ existing implementations to provide more benefits. For instance, when considering ITIL practices in IT Service Management, the team looks at how to achieve new milestones in delivering value to customers, including refining processes and identifying areas of automation.


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