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Mabe uses CSM, ITOM, and ITSM
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Mabe improves agility and customer service experience


Improvement in first-call incident resolution


Reduction in process workflow approval times


Increase in monthly service

Always striving for better customer service

Mabe leads the home appliances market in the Americas. It is a Mexican company with annual revenue over $4B USD, 18 production plants and an expanding presence in over 70 countries throughout the Americas and Europe. The business is well positioned to achieve ongoing growth and is also implementing a digital transformation strategy that will cement its reputation for innovation and quality in the region.

Mabe’s service operations department wanted to optimise its order tracking process. Specifically, it was looking to make support services more efficient, from issue identification to opening a ticket, inspection and repair of appliances in customers’ homes.

Before ServiceNow, Mabe handled maintenance requests manually through its Contact Centre, CRM solution and homegrown software, with technical personnel using printed documentation to track jobs manually. Due to a series of pain points, Mabe was keen to address its customer service capacity constraints. These included a lack of tracking and reliable information, non-digital processes, outdated approval procedures, disconnected workflows and the need to bring systems in line with industry best practices.

Speeding up and automating processes

“Our tools weren’t helping us to reach our objectives in terms of service level agreements and times. We were mainly using manual processes, and although we had started to digitise some of these, we still had gaps to fill,” says Laura Díaz, Service Desk Manager at Mabe.

Laura adds that the drive to accelerate and automate processes led Mabe to seek out a platform that would enable staff to better manage workflows.

“We wanted an intuitive, omnichannel solution that was more practical, organised, agile and centralised, that would allow the Service Desk to expedite attention,” she adds.

Mabe chose ServiceNow for its ability to transform customer support and field services processes. Specifically, it was looking to harness the capability to provide agile and immediate solutions, increase capacity and manage requests using automated processes, incorporating industry best practices.

“We had other options, but ServiceNow was the most complete. It went beyond process management and digitised customer service, offering the potential to benefit other areas of the company,” Laura acknowledges. “ServiceNow allows integration with multiple internal and external technologies and applications, starting with SAP. Mabe has one of the most complete SAP implementations in Latin America.”

A simple rollout with no complications

Together with ServiceNow partner HandCloud Solutions, Mabe ran a proof of concept. Just six months later, it rolled out a single, innovative, centralised platform to transform and optimise service on ServiceNow Customer Service Management and Field Service Management. Even more impressively, the project was completed remotely during the global pandemic.

“It had to be a single step release and there was no possibility to keep the previous tool active,” recalls Laura. “Any initial fears we had were dispelled immediately; ServiceNow quickly proved itself to be a complete, solid and highly capable application. From the start, every modification or update has been implemented immediately without any problems.”

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Mexico City, Mexico
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From what we have seen so far, ServiceNow is a stable, robust and easy-to-configure platform.

Mario Marín

Corporate Manager of Infrastructure in Technology

Strengthening after-sales customer service

Using ServiceNow Field Service Management for mobile, Mabe has also strengthened after-sales service. This application is very useful for the technicians, allowing them to track service orders that are assigned to them, and with the activation of geolocation, end users have greater visibility of when the technician will arrive to attend to their order. “With this app, technicians can adjust or update service orders, assign repairs and even accept card payments,” Laura explains.

Supporting the app, Mabe uses ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) to give IT staff visibility into their infrastructure and applications, guaranteeing service statuses as well as control of the assets connected to the network. Mabe has also improved customer communication by implementing a smart chatbot. The Virtual Agent tool allows users to submit enquiries and requests at any time from a range of channels, including WhatsApp.

The collaboration between HandCloud and ServiceNow was the key that helped with the implementation of the ITOM Visibility and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes using Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) within the single ServiceNow platform. Mabe is now faster and more efficient in its day-to-day activities and offers a much-improved experience to end customers.

The implementation of ServiceNow Knowledge Management has also played a critical role. “This has allowed us to better organise the documentation and deliverables for each of the projects,” Laura notes. “Sharing information is a fundamental part of doing our job well. Also, with Knowledge Management the process of capturing, structuring, reusing and expanding the information has improved significantly. Searching for information is now very easy.”

Improved agent efficiency and greater control

Mabe has also implemented ServiceNow Agent Workspace to improve agent efficiency, accelerate resolutions and enhance the customer experience.

“Our service is outsourced and handles everything, as well as all the organisation’s users. Having adequate capacity is fundamental when it comes to resolving problems on the first call. Thanks to Agent Workspace, we’ve noticed an improvement in the indicator, reaching an 80% Level One resolution,” Laura acknowledges. “But it has also allowed us to automatically assign and create tickets and improve workflows.

“Another ServiceNow tool that we find especially useful is Performance Analytics, which gives us visibility and control. For a company with outsourced services, that’s very important,” Laura comments. “By giving providers access to ServiceNow, we can build a complete image of their performance and compliance with the contracted service levels. These are reliable indicators, which minimise the impact on the IT service.”

Thanks to ServiceNow, Mabe has also achieved significant improvements in workflow generation approval times, reaching a level of agility that was previously unthinkable.

“Incident tracking has also improved significantly,” says Laura. “As IT, we have a goal to resolve 90% of incidents within the first week of their registration, which is part of our performance SLAs. Monitoring was completely manual before ServiceNow implementation. Although it was possible to achieve our objectives, monitoring was extremely time-consuming. With ServiceNow we have reduced this time and our monthly service rate has increased to 94%.”

“From what we have seen so far, ServiceNow is a stable, robust and easy-to-configure platform. It has allowed us to easily generate indicators to help us to meet SLAs, and has provided greater access to and visibility of information for a complete overview of our service desk support,” comments Mario Marín, Corporate Manager of Infrastructure in Technology at Mabe.

“An important element in ServiceNow’s success at Mabe is how widely and quickly it was accepted by the team,” Laura acknowledges. “The platform is very intuitive and always available. More importantly, our customers have been highly satisfied with the improved service from the start.”

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