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ngena uses TSM and TSOM
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ngena revolutionises secure network connectivity as a service


Growth rate in service adoption in the first three months


Saved in training costs


Increase in partner portal activations

Connecting the world
ngena connects people through offering seamless network transformation by bringing secure, consistent and cloud-based network connectivity services to organisations on a global or local scale. ngena’s alliance of global multi-tech partner providers and system integrators build, deliver and manage new and cost effective network transformation solutions for customers to mitigate risk around ever-evolving cybersecurity threats and interrupted connectivity. With multi-tech solutions all operable from ngena’s proprietaryconnect platform, it is easier than ever for partner’s customers to communicate, work, shop, learn and thrive in the highest level of secure digital environments.

By putting customers first, ngena prioritises their experience in ways that eliminate unnecessary complexity around network deployments, while optimising network operations, reducing training time and increasing time-to-productivity. In a fiercely competitive environment, this ability to positively disrupt the status quo is what helps set ngena apart and the company trusted ServiceNow to help.

“Most telecom tools and consoles aren’t user-friendly and require considerable ramp-up time to understand basic functionality”, says Cleber Viana, Chief Digital Officer at ngena, “That’s why we leveraged ServiceNow so we could positively disrupt the industry and design easy-to-use tools that make building, delivering and managing connected services as simple as configuring a Wi-Fi router”.

ngena offers an unrivalled user experience to its partners and customers through personalised portals and “single-pane-of-glass” operational tools that simplify SASE solution design selection and accelerate the launch of new services. Network connectivity options such as various bandwidths, links and nodes are independently selected in minutes, while customisable white-label solutions and reusable network templates significantly speed the time to market.

Scaling customer deployments
ngena hosts its versatile toolset on ServiceNow, providing an intuitive self-service operational portal for its partners. With backend capabilities powered by Telecommunications Service Management and Order Management for Telecommunications, these personalised portals empower partners to efficiently scale customer deployments, automate time-consuming integration processes, streamline everyday operations and shorten time to revenue from months to weeks.

“Since introducing the one-stop-shop approach for multi-tech networking deployment and management solutions, ngena has doubled its partner portal activations month-over-month and significantly increased sales”, states Viana,

“Similarly, our partners are lowering costs by cutting system integration time from months to hours while boosting revenue with connectivity services that scale rapidly and globally”.

One of the primary value impacts of ServiceNow has been enabling partners with a faster time to market. Prior to the implementation, new partners had to visit ngena on-site and participate in several days of in-person training to be onboarded. Now, partners can complete the relevant training from anywhere in only 30 minutes. What’s more, ngena was able to deploy Order Management for Telecommunications in just eight weeks.

The ServiceNow-powered portals enable ngena’s partners to easily optimise operations with administrative tools that simplify granular management of bandwidth allocation, network nodes, access levels and subscription options. These fields can be easily adjusted by general IT staff—rather than highly experienced engineers—to cost-effectively meet evolving customer requirements and seamlessly support new cloud-based network connectivity services.

ngena portals now provide a single source of truth, via dashboards, to deliver full enterprise visibility and allow partners to efficiently monitor customer deployments, networks and services. With actionable analytics displayed, potential issues—such as network degradation, service outages and cyber-attacks—are proactively identified often before customers become aware and certainly before they risk being negatively impacted. This helps partners adhere to their service-level agreements (SLAs) as well as comply with strict international data and privacy laws.

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Frankfurt, Germany

We leveraged ServiceNow so we could positively disrupt the industry and design easy-to-use tools.

Cleber Viana

Chief Digital Officer

AI telecom future, today
Since deploying ServiceNow, ngena’s services adoption rate has increased tenfold, continuing to drive its mission of providing solutions to simplify transformation to a securely connected “network of everything” for enterprises of any size. “With the help of implementation partner Thirdera, we rapidly deployed ServiceNow and seamlessly automated back-end telecom processes”, says Viana, “Our team is successfully shifting its focus to more strategic, high-priority goals such as launching new revenue-generating services”.

With Thirdera’s assistance, ngena laid a solid foundation to further leverage ServiceNow for monitoring service health, delivered through ServiceNow’s Telecommunications Service Operations Management solution, which brings with it predictive AI-Ops and Machine Learning capabilities.

“One issue can create thousands of events, overwhelming service operators with disconnected, redundant data that provides little or no insights on service impacts”, adds Viana, “With Telecommunications Service Operations Management Predictive AIOps and ML capabilities, we can quickly introduce new services that allow partners to intelligently analyse and resolve anomalous network events while automatically sharing results with customers”.

With these tools, partners can more precisely identify connectivity service issues in complex telecommunications environments by automatically correlating network resource events to time and topology-based patterns. ServiceNow topology connectors for CMDBs will further enable ngena partners to deliver clean, single source of truth mapping services that help customers holistically understand how individual network issues and events impact overall connectivity services.

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