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Now Intelligence

Work smarter and make better business decisions with Now Intelligence. Powered by the Now Platform®, Now Intelligence surfaces information, makes predictions and automates repetitive tasks so you can focus on strategic work.

Work smarter and faster

Help customers and employees quickly get answers and insights with machine learning and always-on virtual agents.

Taking chat from conversation to resolution

Taking chat from conversation to resolution

Enable customers and employees to get what they need, when they need it. Surface context‑aware recommendations and deliver better self‑service with NLU‑powered conversations.

Virtual Agent

Resolve issues faster and scale your organisation with intelligent chatbots.

Predictive Intelligence

Simplify and accelerate everyday work with built-in machine learning.

Performance Analytics

Anticipate trends, prioritise resources and continuously improve with real-time analytics.

AI Search

Provide personalised, relevant, actionable search results to employees and customers.

Within two months of launch, our deflection rate was already up to 16%. And users now get a response within five seconds instead of waiting impatiently on the phone.

Alex Ding
Director of IT Technology, MGM MACAU

Predict issues and automate action

Run intelligent operations by automating end-to-end workflows with actionable insights obtained from machine learning.

Enhanced in-platform AI and analytics

Enhanced in-platform AI and analytics

Deliver great experiences and improve business services. Identify issues, reduce call volumes, deflect tickets and automate common requests with machine learning—all on the Now Platform.

Predictive Intelligence

Automate mundane tasks with machine learning so you can focus on the work that matters most.

IT Operations Management

Predict issues early, prevent business impact and automate resolution.

Performance Analytics

Anticipate trends, prioritise resources and continuously improve with real-time analytics.

Virtual Agent

Improve the self-service experience with intelligent chatbots that understand simple, human language.

[Predictive Intelligence] is the perfect example of minimising rework. The content is presented consistently, so it all looks the same to the employees. That’s unmatched.

Franck Nkashama
Process Architect, Novant Health

Make better business decisions

Connect AI and analytics to anticipate trends and gain real-time insights, so teams can make better, faster decisions.

Precision-tuned performance management

Precision-tuned performance management

Realise value quickly with KPIs and dashboards tuned for cross‑enterprise workflows. Drive greater visibility, alignment and continuous improvement with metrics and visualisations.

Performance Analytics

Analyse trends and make informed decisions with KPIs, metrics and role-based dashboards.

Predictive Intelligence

Use machine learning to identify patterns, categorise and assign issues and recommend solutions.

KPI Composer

Visually map organisational objectives and business outcomes to key performance indicators.

With smart metrics and real-time visibility, ServiceNow® Performance Analytics is helping us to create a high-performance IT culture. That’s good for IT—but it’s even better for our business.

Jason Hagen
Process Manager, KAR Auction Services

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Powered by the Now Platform

Bring the power of native AI to your organisation. With Now Intelligence, you can automate workflows, unify experiences and augment intelligence from a single platform.