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Admin Center

Make the most of the Now Platform® by making it easy for admins to discover, install and configure ServiceNow® products and applications.

Benefits of Admin Center

Reduce time-to-value

Take advantage of self-service guidance for fast adoption and value realisation.

Empower admins

Monitor and oversee all aspects of operating the Now Platform and apps—easily, and in once place.

Increase adoption

Discover and deploy products and capabilities that align to your business objectives.

Features of Admin Center

Get application recommendations via adoption blueprints

Adoption blueprints

Get application recommendations organised by business objective.

Easy setup and configuration for ServiceNow apps

Easy setup and config

Access centralised, step-by-step guidance for administering ServiceNow apps.

Admin Center is available with the Now Platform

How to get Admin Center

Admin Center is available with the Now Platform. Connect people, functions and systems on the platform of platforms for digital business.

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