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Agent Client Collector

Complement an agentless-based approach for the Now Platform® with a unified agent-based discovery, monitoring and log collector.

Benefits of Agent Client Collector

Extend visibility across the IT estate

Expand discovery of IT resources without needing credentials or firewall exceptions.

Identify custom applications

Collect comprehensive information for custom services using AI-driven application fingerprinting.

Replace fragmented monitoring tools

Reduce overlapping point agents for monitoring and log collection with a single unified agent.

Help ensure scalability and security

Deploy agents with tight security such as encryption, permission controls and other best practices.

Features of Agent Client Collector

Improve agent discovery and expand oversight

Discovery and visibility

Identify endpoints and other intermittently active hosts in locations with zero-trust architectures.

Bolster agent discovery with expanded monitoring


Expand both events and metrics monitoring on a unified agent with policy-driven configurations.

Use our log collector with ServiceNow Predictive AIOps

Log collection

Compile logs from services and applications to feed into ServiceNow® Predictive AIOps.

Simplify agent discovery and add value to monitoring

Unified agent

Add value to monitoring and log data and complement credential-based discovery with a single agent.

Agent Client Collector is available with IT Operations Management

How to get Agent Client Collector

Agent Client Collector is available with IT Operations Management. Predict issues, prevent impact and automate resolution with AIOps.

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