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DevOps Agile Team Planning

Simplify agile team planning and management by synchronising agile work items with the rest of the developer toolchain. Keep developers where they are to boost productivity.

Benefits of DevOps Agile Team Planning

Agile planning in one place

Prioritize work easily for DevOps teams. Connect insights and synchronise data across tools and tasks.

Stay connected from idea to production

Maintain the thread from idea through to production. Simplify troubleshooting and lifecycle management.

Plan across agile teams and tasks

Take all work into account before you prioritize. Add a unified backlog with IT Business Management.

Features of DevOps Agile Team Planning

Easy understanding of the full pipeline connection

Agile development integration

Easily synchronise agile development planning info between external development tools and ServiceNow managed work.

Built-in DevOps team performance reporting

Integrated performance insights

Get performance and management views using harmonised toolchain information, including agile environments.

ServiceNow Common Service Data Model for DevOps

DevOps data model

Extend the ServiceNow Common Service Data Model (CSDM) and connect agile processes through the delivery lifecycle.

Easily connect to DevOps tools at any stage of a build

DevOps integrations

Link development tools to multiple production stages—from planning, to code storage, to delivery.

Simplify agile work planning for DevOps teams

How to get DevOps Agile Team Planning

DevOps Agile Team Planning is available with ServiceNow DevOps. Expand DevOps success across the enterprise.

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