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Capacity and Reservations Management

Gain greater control over capacities for increased efficiency. Schedule the right mix of jobs across internal and external teams.
Capacity and Reservations Management

Benefits of Capacity and Reservations Management

Maximise utilisation

Create and release capacity buckets based on resource availability and job-type prioritisation.

Manage workloads better

Keep technicians and contractor companies happy by assigning them the right amount of work.

Build and strengthen relationships

Stay compliant with third-party contractors by adhering to their minimum and maximum capacities.

Features of Capacity and Reservations Management

Simplify field service management with work capacities

Capacity definition

Assign the right job type and amount of work to your internal and external field resources.

Field service technician group capacity management

Capacity buckets

Group available capacity into time-based buckets with systematic allocation consideration rules.

Automatic scheduling with field service software

Automated scheduling

Schedule work automatically based on defined capacities and work mix with Dynamic Scheduling.

Keeping track of capacity use by different work groups

Capacity use recording

Track and analyse the actual capacity used by different work groups based on assignments.

This app is available with Field Service Management

How to get Capacity and Reservations Management

Capacity and Reservations Management is available with Field Service Management. Modernise field service with connected digital workflows.

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