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Help customers and employees get their questions answered, connect with peers and share expertise. It’s self-service problem solving made easy.

Benefits of Communities

Resolve issues quickly

Give customers and employees a simple way to crowdsource answers for personalised self-service.

Get actionable insights

Gain visibility into customer and employee needs and issues to better guide your business.

Lower your costs

Resolve common issues and discover new solutions to increase service efficiency.

Features of Communities

Browsing community forums and topics

Forums and topics

Define areas of interest and let users engage by sharing different types of content.

Subscribe to forums and topics to stay up to date


Subscribe to forums, topics and content. See and react to new content quickly in your activity feed.

Turning community solutions into knowledge articles

Harvest knowledge

Turn community solutions into knowledge articles easily to expand your self-service content.

Escalating unanswered questions into agent cases

Case integration

Escalate unanswered questions into cases manually or automatically using workflows.

Additional features

Content types

Post various types of content including images, videos and blogs, with granular access controls.

Cross-portal search

Integrate with other channels so users can search for solutions across all self-service options.


Set and monitor KPIs to understand user engagement and chart community progress and success.


Use points, levels and badges to make participation fun and encourage engagement.


Make it easy to register using a Captcha-supported, two-step process.

Guided setup

Get help with initial configuration, track your progress and finish the setup process later.

Forum moderation

Set content to require approval and allow community users to report content.


Host in-person or online events and create a landing page with all the details.

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