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Dynamic Scheduling

Increase field service efficiency and lighten dispatcher workloads. Automate work assignments to send customers the most qualified technician.

Benefits of Dynamic Scheduling

Fix issues the first time

Automatically assign tasks to field service workers with the right skills and equipment.

Streamline field assignments

Optimise schedules and routes so mobile workers spend more time working, less time driving.

Maintain service level agreements

Reassign tasks automatically when a technician falls behind schedule or an urgent request comes up.

Features of Dynamic Scheduling

Automatically dispatch the right technician

Automated task assignment

Assign work based on skills, parts, location and availability—automatically or with one click

Dispatch map

Assignment rules

Create, manage and edit scheduling rules easily, with no coding required.

Match technician skills to customer needs

Skills management

Easily track worker skills so you can successfully match technician to task.

Automate reassignment to stay on schedule

Automatic reassignment

Automatically reassign work when a technician is running late or another job takes priority.

Additional features

Preferred technician

Build relationships with customers by assigning the same technician whenever possible.

Task dependencies

Make sure complex work with multiple dependent tasks gets done in the right order.

Smart field service management software

How to get Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic Scheduling is available with Field Service Management. Modernise field service with connected digital workflows.

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