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Dynamic Translation

Communicate and work across language barriers with real-time, in-context translation.

Benefits of Dynamic Translation

Go global with a built-in translator

Let international teams and users work efficiently with seamless communication across the enterprise.

Solve customer and employee issues faster

Resolve incidents, cases and tasks in real time, regardless of original language.

Improve information sharing

Spread knowledge far and wide—automatically translate critical information into multiple languages.

Deliver great experiences

Embed real-time translation capabilities directly and easily into your ServiceNow® apps.

Features of Dynamic Translation

Giving users real-time platform translation

Real-time translation

Translate text in any application, form or activity stream—dynamically, and in real time.

Empowering chat agents with automatic translation

Agent chat translation

Connect users across the world with automatic text and card message translation in Agent Workspace.

Localizing conversations and content seamlessly

Simple localisation

Localise Virtual Agent conversations, knowledge articles, catalogue items and custom apps seamlessly.

Assigning incidents based on language proficiency

Skill-based routing

Assign incidents to agents based on skill using language proficiency detection.

Additional Features

Simple configuration

Support Microsoft, IBM and Google translation services straight out of the box.

Translation service provider flexibility

Extend translation capabilities to work with any service provider by developing a simple spoke.

Dynamic translation API

Add translation to apps using text translation and language detection APIs.

Dynamic Translation is in the Now Platform.

How to get Dynamic Translation

Dynamic Translation is available with the Now Platform®. Deliver workflows that connect people, functions and systems with the platform of platforms for digital business.

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