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Guided App Creator

Don’t let legacy tools define your business processes. Rapidly digitise your business workflows for increased productivity and better experiences.

Build applications with ease.

Benefits of Guided App Creator

Manage data better

Remove limitations by converting existing processes into digital workflows.

Create meaningful experiences

Provide employees with mobile and desktop interfaces that work the way they work.

Build faster

Use a guided, step-by-step approach to rapidly digitise business processes.

App highlights

Get help building apps with easy, fast guidance

Guided setup

Get help building apps with a fast, friendly wizard.

Get started by inputting data into pre-built fields

Sensible defaults

Fill out a few fields, and let Guided App Creator do the rest.

Build mobile apps without coding experience

Code-free mobile development

Create a native mobile experience with no code and no complex tools required.

Convert spreadsheet data into app tables

Spreadsheet to app

Make applications based on structures you’ve already defined in spreadsheets.

What you get with Guided App Creator

Multiple experiences

Create a variety of interfaces, including mobile, single pane contextual view, lists, and forms.

Guided setup

Build apps quickly with a friendly wizard that guides you through the process in plain language.

Sensible defaults

Input data into pre-built fields, and let Guided App Creator do the rest of the work.

Code-free mobile development

Go from zero to mobile in seconds with a code-free, low-complexity development process.

Spreadsheet to app

Convert your spreadsheet-bound processes into digital workflows in minutes.

Rich data types

Enforce and improve data consistency and integrity with rich data types.

How to get Guided App Creator

Guided App Creator is available with the Now Platform®. Build digital workflow apps and extend your ServiceNow solutions with a leading platform as your foundation.