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Health Log Analytics

Deliver uninterrupted digital services. Predict issues, prevent impact, and automate resolution with machine learning and AIOps.

Benefits of Health Log Analytics

Predict and prevent outages

Identify potential service issues before they can impact your business.

Shorten your mean time to repair

Receive instant data-driven advice on how to fix an issue and use automation to remediate.

Lower your opex

Simplify by bringing dozens of screens into one workspace so you can quickly find and fix problems.

Preserve existing investments

Get the big picture on events by bringing together data from different monitoring tools.

Features of Health Log Analytics

Tailoring change activities with multimodal templates

Analytics for log data

Collect and correlate machine-made log data in real time, with automated anomaly alerts.

Automating approvals using the change success score card

Anomaly detection

Start tracking meaningful data patterns and identifying anomalies on day one.

Solve problems quickly with automated responses

Automated remediation

Respond automatically to alerts using prebuilt and customized remediation actions.

Intuitive dashboard helps you assign priority to issues

Operator workspace

Prioritize service health issues using an intuitive dashboard with drill-down capabilities.

Health Log Analytics is available with ITOM

How to get Health Log Analytics

Health Log Analytics is available with IT Operations Management. Predict issues, prevent impact, and automate resolution with AIOps.

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