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Performance Analytics for HR Service Delivery

Visualise your goals and analyse results with easy-to-use, real-time reporting. Support ongoing improvement in both efficiency and satisfaction.
Performance Analytics for HR Service Delivery

Benefits of Performance Analytics for HRSD

Anticipate trends and support ongoing progress

Stay one step ahead with performance monitoring that pinpoints problems and opportunities.

Prioritise business goals and align HR services

Detect bottlenecks and quickly re-allocate resources using real-time insights.

Enhance self-service and boost satisfaction

Identify, predict and proactively address common employee requests—easily.

Features of Performance Analytics for HRSD

KPIs and dashboards for HR performance analytics

KPIs and dashboards

Set and track goals against strategic objectives and get real‑time insights into HR performance.

Real-time visibility into HR service delivery

Real-time visibility

Use KPIs, mobile‑enhanced scorecards, drill‑downs and dashboards to improve employee experiences.

Forecasting future HR service delivery request trends


Anticipate trends and make it easy for employees to self-serve for common service requests.

Analyzing freeform text within HR performance analytics

Text analytics

Identify keywords and phrases from comments or surveys to understand what your employees need.

Performance Analytics for HRSD is available with HRSD

How to get Performance Analytics for HRSD

Performance Analytics for HR Service Delivery is available with HR Service Delivery. Deliver the right experience to employees anywhere.

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