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Help customers collect, retain, analyse and visualise measurable time series data from any source or set of sources on the Now Platform®.

Benefits of MetricBase

Accelerate decision-making and improve analytics

Capture, process and monitor data to identify trends in real time and over defined time periods.

Take immediate action

Automate specific actions based on static and dynamic thresholds and triggers.

Capture and process data at scale

Use policy-based storage options to provide high-capacity throughput and capture rates.

Features of MetricBase

Manage time series database metrics with MetricBase

Intuitive model builder

Create and label time series metrics on any MetricBase table.

Use MetricBase to monitor behavior and trends over time

Dashboards and reporting

Create near real-time dashboards and reports to monitor abnormal behaviour and trends over time.

Automate activity within workflows with MetricBase

Flow Designer integration

Help non-coders by using MetricBase to automate decisions and actions within workflows.

Facilitate responses to data trends with MetricBase

Linear predictor trigger

Accommodate proactive responses based on upward or downward data trends.

MetricBase is available with the Now Platform

How to get MetricBase

MetricBase is available with the Now Platform. Deliver workflows that connect people, functions and systems with the platform of platforms for digital business.

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