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Mobile Studio

Rapidly create engaging mobile experiences for employees, without a single line of code. Build the mobile apps your business needs—without an army of developers.
Create and update a no-code app for Android and IOS device

No-code interface

Enable anyone in the enterprise—business analysts, solution architects, and non‑technical roles—to build native mobile applications without writing a single line of code.

Create an app with white-label branding for Android and iOS devic


Completely white‑label each native mobile app by applying your own company branding with colours, logo, and splash screen for a customised employee and customer experience.

Create a no-code app fast with templates and design elements

Templates and re-usable elements

Accelerate the development process with layout templates and packaged design elements for lists, maps, and calendars. Optimise and customise behaviours, styles, and actions.

Drive adoption and usage of an app with analytics


Drive meaningful adoption and usage of apps with visibility into your organisation’s trends, navigation flow, button taps, and session details.

Additional Mobile Studio features

Personalised experiences
Tailor each app’s landing pages, menus, and navigation for how your employees need to work.

Device hardware integration
Simplify workflows by intelligently taking advantage of mobile device hardware. Scan barcodes and QR codes to quickly identify parts or use cameras to take and attach photos to cases. Leverage GPS and location information to find the right resources or navigate between sites.

Mobile application management (MAM) security
Protect and secure company data on mobile devices with support for MAM policies. Apps can be easily distributed through the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) vendors.

Offline read and write
Keep teams connected to info and workflows they need, wherever they are. View and update cases or incidents from job sites, even without Internet connectivity.

Benefits of Mobile Studio

Empower with no-code apps

Build native mobile apps for iOS and Android without writing a single line of code.

Accelerate development

Leverage out-of-the-box templates, layouts, forms, and buttons for a faster development process.

Brand your experience

Personalise native mobile apps by applying your branding with logo, colour theme, and splash screen.



ServiceNow Mobile Apps

Rapidly build and deploy the mobile-first, consumer-style experiences modern teams are demanding.


Mobile Studio Demo

Discover how you can accelerate mobile app development for iOS and Android with Mobile Studio.

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How to get Mobile Studio

Simplify how work gets done and deliver intuitive experiences using a powerful workflow engine with native artificial intelligence on the Now Platform®.

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