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Resource Management

Project and resource managers can create plans, request and assign staff to specific tasks, and track resource availability with Resource Management.
Resource allocation workbench

Resource allocation workbench

Gain valuable insight into resource requests and allocations.

New resource plan

Resource plan

Create resource plans from the Resource Management app, or from a demand, project, or project task.

Knowledge sharing during work process with Knowledge Management technology

Resource reports

View planned resource utilisation over time.

Time sheet portal

Time sheet portal

Record the time spent on tasks on a day‑to‑day basis and submit the time sheet in a single action.

Benefits of Resource Management

View resource availability

Get real-time information across all your resources.

Improve resource management

Rely on one system that delivers consistent resource management to every IT task and relevant app.

Match resources with requirements

Use calendars, schedules, and flexible allocation to match resources with your needs.

Resource Management is available with ITBM

As part of IT Business Management (Standard and Professional Licences), Resource Management provides valuable insights into allocated resources.

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