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SaaS License Management

Reduce SaaS costs and usage with actionable insights that drive savings and governance of the SaaS portfolio.

Benefits of SaaS License Management

Reduce spend quickly

Identify savings opportunities, act on stale licences and rationalise the SaaS portfolio.

Tackle SaaS sprawl

Take action on unexposed SaaS spending by surfacing shadow IT costs and unmanaged applications.

Rightsize SaaS licences

Tap into deep usage analysis to avoid overspending and under-utilisation of licence types.

Simplify your work

Employ industry best-practice workflows to manage SaaS in the same place you operate SAM.

Features of SaaS License Management

Utilize an overview dashboard to analyze SaaS applications

SaaS overview dashboard

Analyse the usage and cost of your SaaS applications on a single dashboard.

Augment SaaS license management with prebuilt integrations

Direct integrations

Gain cost and usage insight for popular SaaS vendors with out-of-box integrations and capabilities.

Find shadow IT and distributed line of business spend with financial data

SaaS licence connections

Expand SaaS coverage by building your own low-code integration for SaaS apps with an API.

Control software management via Okta and Azure AD

Single sign-on connections

View and manage software for all connected SSO applications in your Okta and Azure AD environments.

Additional features

Overlapping software

Discover unnecessary spending on SaaS and software products with similar functionality.

Software spend detection

Find, analyse and adjust unmanaged SaaS and software from imported financial data.

SaaS License Management is available with Software Asset Management

How to get SaaS License Management

SaaS License Management is available with Software Asset Management. Take control of software licence management across the enterprise.

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