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Scenario Planning

Simulate and compare multiple investment scenarios. Perform what-if analysis to keep your portfolio aligned with your business strategy.

Benefits of Scenario Planning

Understand your mix of investments

Get complete visibility of your investments to increase agility, alignment and sponsor engagement.

Power enterprise agility

Adapt quickly to market change. Compare scenarios to look at cost, benefit and resource utilisation.

Align to your business strategy

Choose the best scenario to meet your organisation’s objectives and track portfolio progress.

Engage sponsors

Surface the information you need to engage stakeholders and determine the best investments.

Features of Scenario Planning

Simulate scenarios

Run multiple investment scenarios before you fund projects for smarter portfolio management.

Filter scenarios

View projects and demands in the scenario that meet specific criteria. Click on links to filter by Selected or Unaligned items.

Compare scenarios

Perform what-if analysis by evaluating cost, benefit, strategic alignment and resource allocation.

Confirm best scenario

Select the optimal scenario for your objectives and automatically approve demands and resources.

Achieve results via what-if analysis without Goal Seek

How to get Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning is available with IT Business Management. Deliver enterprise agility for better business outcomes.

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