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Service Owner Workspace

Optimise IT services from a single workspace. Proactively solve issues, lower costs, and deliver great service experiences with a consolidated view of your service portfolio and performance.

Maximise service quality with an integrated view of the full lifecycle.

Benefits of Service Owner Workspace

Improve service quality

Maintain high service quality with detailed performance metrics.

Restore services fast

Enable faster service restoration by analysing changes and trends.

Manage service costs

Manage costs by identifying service offerings with unexpectedly high spend.

App highlights

View detailed info about services and service offerings

Consolidated service info

Deliver high service availability with a consolidated view of items and events impacting services.

Track customer satisfaction scores and trends

Service satisfaction

Monitor CSAT trends to evaluate customer satisfaction with a service.

What you get with Service Owner Workspace

Consolidated service info

Get detailed metrics for a service or service offering to ensure it is performing as designed.

Service value

Compare performance-to-cost ratios to determine the value of a service to the business.

Service satisfaction

Monitor CSAT trends for services and underlying events to maintain high customer satisfaction.

Service restoration

Analyse changes and trends to restore services faster.

Cost management

Identify services with unanticipated spend to control costs.

Future planning

Evaluate service impacts to design more effective services in the future.

How to get Service Owner Workspace

Service Owner Workspace is available as part of IT Service Management. Improve service performance and gain valuable insights with an innovative ITSM solution.