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Workplace Space Management

Optimise workspaces with visual space planning, what-if scenarios and data insights. Manage space to support evolving workplace needs.

Benefits of Workplace Space Management

Track and manage the space lifecycle

Take control of the space lifecycle. Manage changes and track activations for better space planning.

Identify opportunities

Use data insights to improve space utilisation and get the most from your real estate investment.

Support planning with visualisation

Give planners an interactive experience to create stack plans and preview them from floor maps.

Simplify workspace deployment

Streamline space changes and minimise disruption with case and move management applications.

Features of Workplace Space Management

A single place to plan & manage workspaces

Unified workspace planning

Plan, assess and reconfigure your workspaces, all in one place.

Use what-if scenarios to assess space usage

Strategic scenario planning

Create what-if scenarios to analyse space options at the floor, department and building level.

Visualize stacked spaces & drag & drop reallocations

Stack plan visualisation

Get visibility into stacked spaces, review space allocations, and drag and drop reallocations.

Automated case creation for new & reconfigured spaces

Automated moves and cases

Orchestrate moves for newly deployed scenarios and address relocations with automated case creation.

This app is available with Workplace Service Delivery

How to get Workplace Space Management

Workplace Space Management is available with Workplace Service Delivery. Deliver modern digital services for the distributed workforce.

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