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Strategic Planning

Align all work to strategy, prioritise initiatives and create visual roadmaps. Automatically track goals in your agile, waterfall or hybrid approaches.

Benefits of Strategic Planning

Align work to strategy

Create goals and align all work to deliver business outcomes.

Focus on strategic initiatives

Prioritise initiatives and work items in a portfolio backlog before committing in the roadmap.

Sequence work to deliver great outcomes

Plan, create dependencies and intuitively track roadmaps that are aligned to strategy.

Give all teams a clear plan

Chart both your agile and traditional work within a single roadmap.

Features of Strategic Planning

Support business outcomes with goals & strategy alignment

Goals framework

Create goals, set targets, align work and evaluate progress to drive business outcomes.

Create portfolio plans using your preferred perspective

Portfolio plans

Build personalised portfolio plans in the planning perspective of your choice.

Prioritize to focus on the right work at the right time

Planning prioritisation

Sort, rank, update and prioritise planning items so you can focus on the right work at the right time.

Track all your work approaches on one roadmap

Hybrid roadmaps

Manage all traditional, agile and hybrid work on a single roadmap.

Additional features

Efficient planning

Manage milestones and visualise roadmap item dependencies to find and mitigate potential conflicts.

Roadmap milestones

Track milestones at the planning, organisation or work (project, demand, epic) level.

This app is available with Strategic Portfolio Management

How to get Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is available with Strategic Portfolio Management. Deliver enterprise agility for better business outcomes.

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