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Subscription Management

ServiceNow® Subscription Management gives you visibility into your ServiceNow subscriptions, so compliance is simple and you can cut overages and unexpected costs. With a real‑time view of available entitlements and unallocated use and reports showing your usage over time, you have complete control.


Stay compliant with your ServiceNow subscription licensing and see your use and what’s left to allocate.

Avoid unexpected costs when you know exactly what licensing you have.

Proactively plan for long-term usage trends.

Application Highlights

Add users manually or by user set

An example of a Subscription Service Management page

Add users manually or by user set

The colour-coded dashboard shows all your ServiceNow subscriptions

An example of the colour-coded dashboard that shows all of your ServiceNow subscriptions

The colour-coded dashboard shows all your ServiceNow subscriptions

Feature Details

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  • Subscription Monitoring

    Easily keep track of your subscribed ServiceNow products including available entitlements, current usage, and current subscription status. Set optional hard caps on subscriptions to self‑enforce compliance as needed.

  • User Sets and Compliance Management

    Keep your subscriptions up to date easily by defining user sets based on your preferred filter criteria. User sets allocate new users automatically as they enter the system and will never over‑allocate to a subscription without manual intervention.

  • Dashboards and Reporting

    Consolidated dashboards help you to keep track of your ServiceNow subscriptions, including the number of users or nodes purchased and a monthly trend of your allocation status. Compliance dashboards help you to identify subscriptions with unallocated usage over time.

  • Plugin Visibility

    Subscription Management gives you visibility into the plugins associated with each subscribed application, so you can easily activate purchased features as needed.


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