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Vendor Performance Management

ServiceNow Vendor Performance Management helps organisations manage, evaluate, and compare vendors. End‑users can use ServiceNow assessment tools to evaluate, score, and rank vendors across a variety of categories such as compliance, product reliability, and user satisfaction. The application creates scorecards incorporating vendor‑related information from ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB), ServiceNow Asset Management (including procurement), incident and problem records, and any other service management process. Additionally, decision matrices provide aid in the comparison of vendors across multiple categories.

Introducing ServiceNow Vendor Performance Management

Introducing ServiceNow Vendor Performance Management

Introducing ServiceNow Vendor Performance Management

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Regular measurement, analysis, and management of vendor performance can cut costs, alleviate risks, drive continuous improvement, and ultimately increase end‑user satisfaction. By incorporating service management information into assessments and reports, deep insight can be gained into how each vendor impacts the business.

Actively Manage Vendors

Use out‑of‑the‑box metrics plus personalized, business‑specific metrics, and categories

Automatically gather vendor feedback using built‑in scripts and questionnaires

Review vendor scorecards, including related incidents, assets, purchase agreements, discounts, outages, breaches, and any other information managed by ServiceNow applications

Make strategic vendor decisions using service management information and performance assessments

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Drive Vendor Improvement

Understand relationships between vendors, incidents, and service level agreements by incorporating vendor tickets into the incident management lifecycle

Enforce contract penalties and credits by documenting performance against service commitments

Provide specific details to vendors around which areas really need improvement or are negatively trending

Gain end‑to‑end visibility and accountability for services delivered by multiple suppliers

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Reduce Operational Costs

Consolidate vendors and asset models and ensure support levels are aligned to match business needs

Negotiate better terms by exposing historical issues around vendor performance, Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaches, and service quality, as well as showing opportunities for consolidated purchases

Increase the number of vendors an individual can manage with automation

ServiceNow Deliver Rapid Time to Value