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Three doctors having a discussion in a hallway while using healthcare management software on a tablet.

Make healthcare work for everyone

Increase efficiencies for your staff as they work towards improving patient outcomes for a healthier tomorrow.

Make healthcare more human by connecting teams, streamlining processes, and securely integrating systems so you can change lives for the better.

The future of healthcare is here.

Don’t just take our word for it

See how healthcare companies like yours are succeeding with ServiceNow.

Giving hospice care a human touch

VITAS Healthcare streamlined IT to focus on patients and families.

Elimination of IT complexity

Novartis simplified processes to protect privacy with a unified system.

Empowering the NHS during the global pandemic

Enabling the streamlined tracking, escalation, management and resolution of procuring and distributing PPE.

Featured resources


Opening new doors with a digital healthcare

Patient experience in healthcare is changing: providers are now making customer satisfaction a top priority to better support communities, by transforming the quality of healthcare.


Drive better healthcare experiences with one digital platform

Improve operational performance so you can stay focused on patient care. 


Deliver on the promise of service transformation

Read this on-demand e-book to see why focus needs to be on transforming experiences across healthcare with a collaborative ecosystem.


ServiceNow helps governments modernise

The modernisation of UK government systems will help enable organisations at all levels to work more effectively.

On-demand session

How has the pandemic transformed digital care for the NHS?

On this on-demand session, ServiceNow joins Raconteur to discuss the challenges posed by the pandemic and the ways in which the health sector is changing as a result.

On-demand session

Taking a collaborative approach to technology partnerships

On this on-demand session, ServiceNow joins Raconteur to discuss how collaboration and partnerships with technology experts is driving digital transformation for the NHS.

On-demand session

What will the digitally focused NHS of the near future look like?

The pandemic prompted numerous digital solutions to be developed with trusted ecosystem partners, but more work now needs to be done to empower patients.


Healthcare K21 Book of Knowledge

See how your peers approach digitally transforming healthcare and how they're generating success.


Integration and interoperability in healthcare systems

Discover the opportunities for joined up healthcare systems that put clinicians and patients at the forefront.


IDC: The business value of ServiceNow

Understand the value of digitising and automating healthcare workflows.


Ponemon: Vulnerability response in healthcare

Be prepared. There has been a 26% increase in cyberattack severity over the past 12 months.


HIMSS: Saving costs, time, and resources

Find out how smart workflows improve both business outcomes and patient experiences.


Next-generation EMR management

Take a strategic approach to getting the most out of electronic medical records.


Healthcare: The smarter way to workflow

Discover how strategic digitisation helps you to manage major forces reshaping the healthcare landscape.


Implement a strategic approach to EMR management

Create better patient outcomes by connecting and managing your teams, workflows, and EMR system.


Engagement Fundamentals For Improved Patient Care Outcomes

Streamline patient engagement and experiences resulting in improved healthcare outcomes.


HR fundamentals for clinical excellence and improved care outcomes

Create a productive and engaging work environment that focuses on workforce satisfaction and retention with technology.


Security Fundamentals For Clinical Excellence And Improved Care Outcomes

Security and data privacy for the anytime, anywhere delivery of integrated care.

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Two medical professionals discuss healthcare IT solutions.

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Connect with experts at ServiceNow and other champions in healthcare and life sciences to discuss industry challenges and how to partner with us to unlock your potential.

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