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FAQs - Other ServiceNow Properties

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Contact Now Learning for questions related to 

  • Webassessor Account
  • Certifications related questions
  • Badges and Achievements
  • Vouchers related questions

Contact Details 

  • Website :

  • Now Learning  FAQ

  • Create a Case with Now Learning

     -  Login to Now Learning Portal  

     -  From the menu Click on Help 

     -  Click on Create a Support Case 

     -  Please follow the steps to create a case 

Contact email


Contact Partner Portal for questions related to

  • Partner Account login
  • Partner email change
  • If you are existing or previous partner and you want to change email

Contact Details 

  • Website :

  • Partner Portal Support

  • Create a Case with Partner Portal

     -  Login to Partner Portal

     -  From the menu Click on Support

     -  Click on Submit an Enquiry

     -  Please follow the steps to create a case  

Contact email


Contact Developer Portal for questions related to

  • Developer instance access or login questions
  • Users developer instance down

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Contact Community for questions related to

  • Community access or login questions.
  • Community achievements questions.

Contact Details 

Contact email


Contact HI Portal for questions related to

  • Issues with SN Instance 
  • Create Manage Cases

Contact Details 

  • Website :

  • HI Portal Support

  • Create a Case with HI Portal

     -  Sign in

     -  Click on Create & Manage a case

     -  Please follow the steps to create a case