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DEFRA adjusts to challenges across UK government bodies


Multiple agency bodies


Central enterprise tool


Many differing needs across departments


Protecting citizens through automation
The UK’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) affects people’s lives, food, water and air through a number of different bodies. Bringing them together through a single service was a challenge, especially since DEFRA’s work is often reactive and requires flexibility and scalability during emergencies such as flooding.

This is why DEFRA relied on ServiceNow to unify services across multiple agency bodies, deliver the same level of service to all users and develop a more flexible, scalable support solution. It created a central enterprise tool around IT Service Management and Customer Service Management. It now boasts a single platform for key business functions, supporting staff and citizens alike and ensuring greater user experience and increased efficiency.

“The ServiceNow platform gives us the flexibility to be able to adjust to the challenges that we face across UK government”, says Gary Kinsella, Head of End-User Support at DEFRA. “ServiceNow is a key enterprise tool within DEFRA, enabling not just the IT capabilities but also other parts of the business to be able to work smarter and more effectively”.

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London, United Kingdom

The ServiceNow platform gives us the flexibility to be able to adjust to the challenges that we face across UK government.

Gary Kinsella

Head of End-User Support

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

HR Service Delivery

Explore the solution that helped DEFRA adjust to challenges

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