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Wipro uses GRC on the Now Platform
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Wipro boosts resilience and the employee experience


Increase in Net Sentiment Score for employee satisfaction

Best-in-class GRC workflows for remediations


Employees use Microsoft Teams with Virtual Agent


Expanding resilience and employee satisfaction
Wipro Limited is a leading technology services and consulting company with revenues exceeding $10 billion.With 75 years of experience and over 250,000 employees serving customers in over 66 countries, the company provides a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities in consulting, design, engineering, operations, and digital transformation and modernisation.Its vision is to help customers across the globe to realise their boldest ambitions and build future-ready, sustainable businesses.

One of the biggest challenges Wipro faced was application sprawl, resulting in using disjointed toolsets to manage the plethora of customer services.There was also no unified support system for employees seeking help, and only limited levels of knowledge management and sharing of information.Time to resolve issues was, as a result, frequently long, creating huge amounts of user dissatisfaction and a poor employee experience.

Wipro also ran multiple homegrown applications.These were updated on an ad hoc basis, without a cohesive strategy for lifecycle management.The legacy applications lacked the ability to scale, with frequent outages causing a degraded experience to the business.The COVID-19 pandemic, which required a shift to remote working for a quarter of a million employees, only exacerbated these issues.

Satvinder Madhok, Head of Business Infrastructure Technology Management Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk, Controls, and Compliance at Wipro Limited, says: “The business needed a scalable and resilient platform with best-in-class digitalised workflows that could automate and optimise its service operations while delivering a superior employee experience and productivity”.

After evaluating several vendors, Wipro adopted ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) with IT Operations Management (ITOM), along with Risk Management within Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) all on one platform to ensure service availability and empower employees to better serve customers.

“Wipro sees ServiceNow as a future-proof investment. It provides exactly what our customers and partners need for their business,” says Satvinder.

Improving efficiency and productivity with Microsoft Teams integration
Through the integration of Virtual Agent for ServiceNow ITSM with Microsoft Teams, employees can now quickly find answers to requests.Common tasks such as password resets or new laptop orders can be resolved in less time than they did with a human agent.This increase in efficiency has resulted in a 40% reduction in service requests and a 25% cut in support call volumes.

“ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM create a modernised platform that enables zero-touch automation. By using predictive Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps), our event correlation to incidents has reached almost 98%,” says Satvinder.“With the single platform, which includes IT agents and operators, ServiceNow makes us much more effective. In fact, since we started our ServiceNow journey, we haven’t had a single firmwide outage due to process failure.”

With the natural language understanding (NLU) technology within the Virtual Agent, Wipro has also seen 95% accuracy in assessing what users want, which has contributed to a 75% reduction in resolution time.

“Without the integration of Virtual Agent and Employee Centre with Microsoft Teams, it took 28 minutes for IT helpdesk agents to find the relevant information in our knowledge library. Today, this has been cut to just six minutes,” says Satvinder.

ServiceNow Virtual Agent now handles 16,000 requests a month, a figure that is growing by 40% each month.Satvinder adds: “Connecting 250,000 employees with Microsoft Teams and Virtual Agent is one of the largest implementations I have gone through. It’s been incredible.”

The integration enables employees to carry out work activities at home efficiently and without disruption.For example, approvals are now delivered via Microsoft Teams, enabling employees to stay within the same tool rather than checking in and out of different applications.Workflow automations make it easier for agents to know exact service level agreements (SLAs), enabling them to resolve issues with realistic time expectations.These time savings are reflected in significantly improved levels of employee satisfaction.

“Our Net Sentiment Score (NSS) has increased from the low 50s to more than 90%. This is a testament to how ServiceNow and Microsoft together can empower our employees to be more productive,” says Satvinder.

Taming the risk-and-compliance beast
With Wipro operating across 66 countries and multiple jurisdictions, managing compliance with scattered procedures and different regulations was extremely complex.By automating and unifying compliance processes with ServiceNow GRC, Wipro has effectively centralised the business, IT, and security with an integrated risk and compliance framework.This provided a single source of truth for risk across the business that board members and senior executives can access.

“By adopting the best-in-class process of ServiceNow GRC, we can track and respond faster throughout the audit lifecycle,” explains Satvinder.“ServiceNow GRC gives us the visibility and confidence that actions have been taken on all audit observations. It also allows us to automate observations management and issue closure for over 100 audits we undertake each year”.

In addition, ServiceNow Security Operations supports a more mature cyber defence and security posture.This enables faster responses to threats, strengthening security for employees and customers, and minimising the risk of data loss.

“Having ‘risk central’ is a new way of looking at risk management. ServiceNow GRC makes it so easy to manage risk confidently,” Satvinder adds.

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Managed Service Provider

By using predictive Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps), our event correlation to incidents has reached almost 98%.

Satvinder Madhok

Head of Business Infrastructure Technology Management Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk, Controls, and Compliance

Enhancing service standards and competitive edge
As a ServiceNow customer and partner, Wipro is able to leverage what it has learnt.This means it avoids repeat incidents, making its platforms highly available, redundant, and resilient for customers.For example, ServiceNow ITSM enables the IT team to adopt Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices within the organisation.As a result, Wipro recorded zero unauthorised systems changes for the last year.

“ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM have given us a sense of predictability, empowering the business to set new service standards and support new markets,” says Satvinder.

While Wipro has already harnessed significant benefits from the ServiceNow platform, Satvinder believes he can extract a further 40% in value.Adding more predictive intelligence, as well as deploying Hardware Asset Management and Software Asset Management, are on the future roadmap.

“ServiceNow is out-of-the-box and scalable, enabling you to plug and play with other applications without bending your business processes. It also costs nothing to upgrade if you deliver the implementation well,” concludes Satvinder.


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