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Continuous Authorisation and Monitoring

Modernise your approach to the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF). Bring IT systems online faster through automation and continuous monitoring.
Continuous Authorisation and Monitoring

Benefits of Continuous Authorisation and Monitoring

Increase productivity

Make authorisation faster with automated RMF processes and cross-functional workflows.

Make risk-informed security decisions

Review evidence, vulnerabilities, controls, risks, action plans and milestones—all in one place.

Improve visibility

Gain a real-time view of risk with information that’s accurate and timely.

Achieve a faster time to value

Get flexibility with a solution that’s easy to adapt to your processes.

Features of Continuous Authorisation and Monitoring

Key indicators

Monitor continuously to identify compliance violations or emerging risks.

Integration with the CMDB

Identify assets in real time or manage assets manually to help assess business impact.

Inherited controls

Assign baseline controls automatically based on categorisation and easily inherit common controls.

System security plan

Generate a system security plan automatically based on customisable self-populating templates.

Additional features

Dynamic dashboards

View vulnerabilities, action plans, milestones, configuration failures, security incidents, and more.

Assessment engagement

Create an assessment engagement that’s linked to your authorisation package.

POA&M Management

Use remediation tasks to build a process for creating and responding to ineffective controls.

Automated controls testing

Use continuous monitoring to identify violations and generate issues sooner.

How to get Continuous Authorisation and Monitoring

Continuous Authorisation and Monitoring is available with ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Connect security and IT with an integrated risk management programme.

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