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DevOps Config

Say goodbye to outages caused by configuration changes. Centralise management, security and validation—seamlessly, within development pipelines.

Benefits of DevOps Config

Simplify config data management

Use a single data model to manage infrastructure, application and environment configuration data.

Get peace of mind with built-in security

Protect sensitive data and secrets with intelligent, role-based access plus automatic encryption.

Validate change around the clock

Keep errors out of production with continuous, automatic validation of configuration data changes.

Features of DevOps Config

Managing configuration changes in pipeline history

Pipeline config changes

Manage and validate configuration changes within the pipeline to keep issues out of production.

Tracking configuration changes in change records

Config in change records

Track configuration updates in change records and apply relevant policies.

DevOps Config is available with IT Service Management

How to get DevOps Config

DevOps Config is available with IT Service Management. Transform the impact, speed and delivery of IT.

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