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Edge Encryption

Have complete confidence in the security of your data with an on‑premises solution that makes ServiceNow instance data unreadable to the unauthorised.
Edge encryption configuration new record

Integrated Data Encryption Management

With ServiceNow admin tools, configure fields and attachments that should be encrypted, manage encryption keys and rules, and schedule mass encryption jobs from admin console.

Scheduled encryption job new record

Mass key rotation

Automatically re‑encrypt data with new default encryption keys to ensure protection of past historical records and retire previously used encryption keys.

Encryption pattern


Protect only targeted data patterns within a field while leaving all other data in that field unaffected via tokenization. Convenient for securing structured data.

Edge processing graph set

Monitoring tools

Monitor the Edge Encryption proxy servers that are connected to an instance, see how long they have been active, and use logs to troubleshoot and diagnose end‑to‑end activity.

Encryption proxy IP blacklist

Blacklist IP addresses

Prevent IP scanner or other requests from being forwarded to your ServiceNow instance via an Edge Encryption proxy server based on IP addresses, IP ranges, or network masks.

An additional Edge Encryption feature

Enterprise-grade performance and resilience
Support standard network load balancers with multiple proxies configured for a single instance to deliver reliable performance and availability that can scale and grow over time.


Benefits of Edge Encryption

Reduce risks to sensitive data

Use integrated protection and monitoring tools that meet your compliance and governance requirements.

Mitigate data leakage

Lower risks via trusted end-to-end protection for data in use, in motion, and at rest.

Minimise impact to user operations

Balance security with user operation needs by employing encryption-level options to limit impact on users.

How to get Edge Encryption

Protect your data while it’s in motion, in use, and at rest.

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