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Innovation Management

Collect and manage company-wide suggestions in one place. Create a continuous pipeline of vetted ideas to support ongoing creative development.

Benefits of Innovation Management

Capture new ideas from a single source

Gather and manage ideas from any department or employee in one place.

Inspire innovation

Encourage sharing of inventive, impactful ideas to increase employee engagement.

Make decisions faster

Promote new concepts to demands, projects, epics and other task types seamlessly.

Keep stakeholders informed

Notify submitters, reviewers and subscribers when the status of a suggestion changes.

Features of Innovation Management

Voting on ideas with innovation management software


Measure interest by allowing users to vote ideas up or down.

Innovation management software collaboration tools


Make it easy for employees to work on ideas together using interactive comment boards.

Task creation for actionable idea management

Task creation

Bring ideas to life—convert approved suggestions into tasks to get the ball rolling.

Using machine learning to flag duplicate ideas


Avoid duplication by using machine learning to suggest similar ideas as users enter text.

Innovation Management is available with Strategic Portfolio Management

How to get Innovation Management

Innovation Management is available with Strategic Portfolio Management. Align your entire organisation to deliver the outcomes that matter.

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